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Window Tint

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The main benefit of window tinting is the ability to prevent fading and damage to a car's interior from ultraviolet light exposure. Tinting can keep the interior of a vehicle cool as well as reduce the glare from sunlight



Regular Film 

Safety And Color Stability Like Never Before


​Protect yourself from 99% harmful cancer-causing UV rays & achieve the privacy you desire with PRIME CS.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends PRIME CS window tint as an effective UV protectant.

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LLumar ATC

Regular Film
Smart and stylish, in shades from misty fog to celebrity charcoal.
Our dyed window tint is a mixture of polyethylene, UV blockers, and premium dye that’s extruded into a micro-thin sheet, then coated with a second UV blocker and adhesive. 


Ceramic Window Tint

Extreme Performance, Exceptional Quality

Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the-line film without breaking the bank.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends PRIME XR Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.


Infrared rejection tint

The Pinnacle Of High-Performance Tint. Period.


Offering 98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIME XR PLUS combines a cool look with extreme performance. Let PRIME XR PLUS keep you comfortable and protected no matter the weather.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends PRIME XR PLUS  Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

LLumar CTX

Ceramic Window Tint
Choose ceramic tint for clear connectivity and excellent ability to tame heat, glare and UV rays.

Advanced nano-ceramic technology enables the highest possible levels of protection against solar heat, road glare, and UV rays, while supporting signal clarity for electronic devices of all types.

LLumar IRX

 Infrared Rejection Tint
Coolest and premium throughout. Select infrared-rejecting ceramic tint for deluxe, top-of-the-line features and our best IR-blocking technology.

Feel the difference when you compare identical darkness levels of our premium infrared rejecting tint with lower-level film products. You can expect our IR-rejecting ceramic tint to deliver in areas beyond heat rejection as well. They’re available in a generous range of color-stable shades and offer excellent electronic connectivity, durable scratch resistance and impressive glare control.



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